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130// Digestive Nightmare? End Bloat and Constipation in 6 Months

February 16, 2023

Wake Up From Your Digestive Nightmare

👉Do you feel like a digestive nightmare?

👉 Have you worked with dozens of health practitioners and gotten SOME improvement, only to still struggle with bloating and constipation?

👉 Do you wish you could do your favorite activities such as traveling and attending holiday parties  - without pain and able to ENJOY the world around you?


If so, you are like my client Helaine.

Diaphragm constipation

When Helaine came to me, she had suffered from over 10 years of bloating, constipation, and repeated abdominal surgeries. She had worked with dozens of doctors and alternative health practitioners on her gut health and had seen SOME improvement. But no supplement or diet change (like the Low FODMAP diet) got rid of her deep seated symptoms. 


After going through my signature, 6 month coaching program, the Foundations Program, Helaine is sharing her testimonial on how she is now free from bloating, pain, sugar-cravings - and most importantly - constipation. 


I can’t wait for you to hear this amazing story and hear how you, too, can be free from constipation. 


~ Allison ❤️











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