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Allison Jordan is a Bloating and Constipation Coach for women who are tired of gut health solutions that don't WORK.  

Allison Jordan is a wife, mama, and owner of Better Belly Therapies - a clinic based in Detroit, MI that works with women virtually and locally to help them END bloating and constipation - for GOOD. 

Allison is the host of the Better Belly Podcast - a top 2% global podcast - and the author of the book Stop Stomach Pain: How to Heal Your Gut and End Food Restrictions.

Through her advanced gut health training, she helps women who've tried all the conventional gut health advice of "fiber, water, and probiotics" to create their own customized health plan that actually WORKS - without having to rely on doctors who keep telling you that "your labs look normal."

Allison's goal is to bring freedom to mothers, wives, and female professionals through freeing them in their health to make IMPACT in their home, workplace, and communities. 


SHE Talks Health, with Sophie Shepherd FDN-P
"How Physical Injury Affects Your Gut Health" with Allison Jordan

Biz Chix Podcast, with Natalie Eckdahl MBA
"The Science of Mindset" with Allison Jordan

Game on Girlfriend Podcast, with Sarah Walton
"The Most Overlooked Resource In Your Business" with Allison Jordan

That Naturopathic Podcast
"Why a Low FODMAP Diet Is Not the Solution, and 3 Steps to Improve Your Digestive Health for Good"

Hope Motivates Actions
"Optimize Your Health with Better Belly Therapies"

The Content Experiment Podcast
"Take Care of Yourself and Your Business" with Allison Jordan

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Bronson Methodist Hospital 
Fall 2017 - Gastroenterology Lunch and Learn

Arise Here Women's Conference 
Winter 2021 - How to Become Your Own Best Healer

Peaceful Minds Counseling Center
Fall 2020 - Craniosacral Therapy for Mental Health

University of Michigan
Spring 2018 - Michigan Executives MBA Program

Eclectic Grounds Virtual Summit
Fall 2020 - How the Gut Really Works

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Why Fiber, Water, and Probiotics Are Not Helping Your Constipation + 3 Things That Actually WILL

The Gut-Breath Connection: How Constipation, Acid Reflux, Bloating, Asthma, and Difficulty Breathing Are ALL Connected

How to Naturally Lower Cholesterol - Without Giving Up Fat or Meat

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