The everyday tools I use for my health and my business! As a note, I am an affiliate for some of these companies, which means I get a kickback if you use my code or link. I only recommend tools I personally use and love!

Healing Tools I Use Monthly, Weekly, & DAILY ❤️

Favorite Healing Tools

Skip hormonal and copper birth control by following your cycle naturally in this easy-to-use app. I used this app myself to both avoid and get pregnant! 

Natural Cycles - 20% Off

Want to meditate, but have trouble knowing if you're doing it right? HeartMath+ is a peer-reviewed device that help you sync brain, heart, and breath during meditation.


FULL access to supplements used by top health professionals. Get 10% off ALL orders when you register through Better Belly Therapies!

Professional-Grade Supplements - 10% Off

Pure Effects is one of the top-rated whole home water filtration providers. This is the same water filtration unit I installed in my own home!

Whole House Water Filtration

Start off smaller with Pure Effect's under-the-counter water filtration for your kitchen sink. Filter even more contaminates than the best water pitchers out there!

Under-Sink Water Filtration

Start off your water filtration journey with top-of-the-line water pitcher (yup - Brita Filters aren't enough!).

Clearly Filtered - Water Pitcher

Affordable Tests I Regularly REcommenD for My Clients 

Home Testing Kits

Test your home space to see if mold may be impacting your health! Just $33 per testing dish!

Immunolytics Home Mold Test

Is your water adding to your toxin levels in your body? Test your city or well water and learn how your water may be affecting your health.


Zinc is a key mineral needed to produce enough stomach acid and avoid acid reflux. Test your zinc easily using this taste-test liquid!

Zinc Tally

Love to DIY yourself? Here are My Favorite Courses!

Empower Yourself

Take me There!

Tired of your doctor saying "your labs look normal"? If so - learn how to interpret your own bloodwork using functional medicine techniques!

Blood Lab BootcAmp


Learn how to test and heal your body from mineral deficiency and heavy metal toxicity. This is the same course took and use to work with my clients! Get $300 off by using the code: HTMA300.

HTMA Expert

save $250 on FDN!

This is *LITERALLY* what I use to heal myself and my clients. Use the code "FDN250" to get $250 off your certification!

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Enroll Now!

Learn how to systematically go through products you use daily. Find and replace toxic products to achieve health for yourself and your future.

Talking Toxins

FInd a Class!

Learn how to give birth naturally - whether you want to do a hospital or home birth!  (This is the same method I used to give birth to my first child! Highly recommend!)

The Bradley Method

Teach Me Now!

Got an infant or child struggling to sleep, eat, or just not be fussy? This course will teach you to release fascial and cranial tension in your child!

INFANT Craniosacral Techniques

you'll love

From mindset to health books, these are the reads I keep coming back to and recommend to all of my clients! 

What's On My Bookshelf

OMG! Yes, I need this!

How to Heal Your Gut...

Free Traininig that you can poop daily, ditch acid reflux, and balance your hormones that you can poop daily, ditch acid reflux, and balance your hormones