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      I have consistently regular bowel movements now!

      This could be you...

      I just am wowed by how much better I feel just from being on the digestion, nutrient and leaky gut protocols! I had the 4 lows on the HTMA and felt like death...seriously. Still have 3 more protocols to go. Thanks for all the info in this course!

      I'm already feeling so much more regular and less bloated. I've been waiting on test results, so l've really only been able to do the liver detox and food modifications and already feel so much better! Excited to see even more progress as I'm able to address the other areas.

      The look on my primary MD's face when I told her about the supplements I was taking and using a castor oil pack to help with my digestion issues. « This was the practice that told me just to take Miralax everyday for the rest of my life.
      Thanks again for this course!

      My period has become super regular after getting off birth control thanks to the protocol 👍🏻👍🏻

      I'm 6 weeks into the parasite protocol, and l've had NO acne on my chin the last 2 weeks! It's so good to give a good ol' clean of the gut!

      My body tells me that I need to have BMs after breakfast. It's communicating with me!

      A win!!! I managed to stop taking my PPI, Protoxix, after 20 years of being on it. I'm feeling very positive!

      I weighed myself this week and lost a total of 13lbs that i gained since I started to feel so awful. Also, i feel less bloated and my bowel movements are great!