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Can’t stop the poo from flowing on your run? Check out these 4 histamine hacks I recommend to stop runner’s diarrhea.

154// 4 Histamine Hacks to End Runner’s Diarrhea

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Can’t stop the poo from flowing on your run? Check out these 4 histamine hacks I recommend to stop runner’s diarrhea.

154// 4 Histamine Hacks to End Runner’s Diarrhea


Have you ever felt like your illness or condition was “too hard” for a health practitioner to handle? Does your diagnosis ever feel like a life sentence? Haunting you everywhere you go, yet invisible to those around you? Have you ever wished you just DIDN’T have the disease, illness, or even the body you had? If so, you are like many of our clients we have worked with.

82// 5 Reasons Autoimmune Diagnoses Don’t Have to Be Scary

Autoimmune Disorders

Do you have an IBS diagnosis? If so, you may know that it’s not a particularly specific diagnosis. You could experience diarrhea, constipation, OR both. Plus the wide array of symptoms from bloating to anxiety, and beyond. IBS is, by nature, a catch-all diagnosis. You can find that IN the name – Irritable Bowel Syndrome. A syndrome, in the medical world, refers to a disease state with a recognizable pattern of symptoms but lacking in consistent or known causes. So if you have a syndrome, the cause is unknown, what can you do about it? (And what can you do about it instead of going on a diet like the Low FODMAP diet?) Do you have any hope of getting rid of it? In the case of IBS, the answer is a resounding YES.

Over the past two years, we’ve had over 50 women apply to work with us at Better Belly Therapies to do our signature gut healing program – the Foundations Program. Part of the process of working with us is filling out our Qualifying Call Application – a series of questions that gathers all the necessary data for me and my team to decide if we can help the woman who is applying to work with us. On today’s podcast, I’m sharing the results from nearly 50 women’s responses to the Qualifying Call application. These responses are all from women that we approved to talk with, and who qualified to work with us.

80// “Am I broken? Am I unfixable?” Questions and Answers from 50 Women We’ve Talked With at Better Belly Therapies


Have you struggled with Gut issues for a decade – or more? Have you gone to multiple doctors, even GI specialists, and never gotten an answer? Or maybe the answer was simply a diagnosis of IBS? Have you felt like there was more going on in your body, yet couldn’t figure it out with the doctor’s help? Did you have other problems like sleep issues, weight gain, and fatigue? Have you tried everything from elimination diets to building sleep hygiene habits – and you just didn’t know what else to do? If you’ve answered yes to a few of these, you’ll relate to my client Becca!

79// Overcoming a Decade of IBS, Weight Gain, Sleep Problems, and Fatigue – Testimonial with my client Becca

Gut Health

“How long?” It’s a valuable question; relevant to anyone starting a journey. Knowing the length of a journey prepares us for the road ahead, psychologically and practically. It’s SO important, we’ve already released a podcast episode on the hero’s journey and how it relates to health!

People are more willing to talk about politics, religion, or sex – than we are willing to talk about money. Did you grow up in a household where it was impolite to talk about money? Do you feel shame about how much money you have, or don’t have, or wished you had? Have you noticed that, no matter how much money you make, you still feel anxiety around money? Have you ever felt shame or guilt about a decision you made with money – especially in your health? If so – today’s podcast is for you!

77// Is Money Holding You Back From Your Best Self? with Financial Therapist, Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

Money Mindset

I’m so excited to announce Blood Lab Bootcamp is open for enrollment this week, for one week only from January 5th to 12th! Are you uncertain Blood Lab Bootcamp is right for you?

75// Blood Lab Bootcamp is OPEN! – 5 Reasons You Might Not Want to Take BLB – But Still Should!

Functional Lab Testing

Have you ever wondered what lab tests you need? Have you ever felt previous lab results didn’t bring the answers you were seeking? Do you wish for clarity in your health? If so, this episode is for YOU!

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WITHOUT Lifelong, Extreme Food Restrictions or Lifelong Supplements