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80// “Am I broken? Am I unfixable?” Questions and Answers from 50 Women We’ve Talked With at Better Belly Therapies

February 10, 2022

Over the past two years, we’ve had over 50 women apply to work with us at Better Belly Therapies to do our signature gut healing program – the Foundations Program.

Part of the process of working with us is filling out our Qualifying Call Application – a series of questions that gathers all the necessary data for me and my team to decide if we can help the woman who is applying to work with us.

On today’s podcast, I’m sharing the results from nearly 50 women’s responses to the Qualifying Call application. These responses are all from women that we approved to talk with, and who qualified to work with us.

Their responses include SO much information:

  • How long they’ve been feeling sick
  • Their top 5 symptoms
  • What they’ve tried – and what hasn’t worked
  • If they’ve done labs
  • And more!

I feel called to share this data with you all. Many women have asked questions while meeting with our team, like: “Am I broken?” “Am I unfixable?” “Have you ever heard this before?”

There’s a common feeling of loneliness in the journey.

But they aren’t alone. By sharing this episode, I want you to know that YOU aren’t alone either.

I invite you to sit back and listen. Do you sound like one of these women? Is their story like yours?

If their stories DO resonate with you, I want you to know: You are not alone, and most importantly, you are not stuck.

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