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79// Overcoming a Decade of IBS, Weight Gain, Sleep Problems, and Fatigue – Testimonial with my client Becca

February 3, 2022

Have you struggled with Gut issues for a decade – or more?

Have you gone to multiple doctors, even GI specialists, and never gotten an answer? Or maybe the answer was simply a diagnosis of IBS?

Have you felt like there was more going on in your body, yet couldn’t figure it out with the doctor’s help?

Did you have other problems like sleep issues, weight gain, and fatigue?

Have you tried everything from elimination diets to building sleep hygiene habits – and you just didn’t know what else to do?

If you’ve answered yes to a few of these, you’ll relate to my client Becca!

On her final 6 month follow up call, she allowed us to share her story on air. We hope sharing her story encourages women like YOU and shares a message: you are NOT stuck.

Join me today as Becca reflects on her journey, what we found that her doctors didn’t, and how she overcame a decade of gut issues in just six months!

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