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78// How Long Should It Take Me to Heal?

January 27, 2022

“How long?”

It’s a valuable question; relevant to anyone starting a journey.

Knowing the length of a journey prepares us for the road ahead, psychologically and practically.

It’s SO important, we’ve already released a podcast episode on the hero’s journey and how it relates to health!

In health, especially in gut health, asking how long tends to get you a shoulder shrug. An evasive answer. Sometimes even a definite answer (‘for the rest of your life’).

It’s my goal to provide something more tangible in response to this question. As a student of health and of my clients, I keep close notes on how many and what type of clients are healing at what rate.

What’s a reasonable rate of healing to share with someone when they ask (or are at least wondering) how long this will take? What can I share from knowledge, and what can I share from experience?

After two years of working with clients doing functional lab testing, my team and I recently updated our signature program, the Foundations Program. The update mirrors what we’ve found to be true about the time it takes to heal from gut health problems, plus the specific, consistent stages of healing that we’re seeing in our clients.

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