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54// Health is a Hero’s Journey + Join the Blood Lab Bootcamp WAITLIST!

August 12, 2021

A hero begins their journey without all the answers. They usually have just a problem and a dream to solve that problem.

If they had the tools and the power to solve that problem in chapter 1, it would make for a very short book! The problem would be solved, and our hero would go back to their life.

The truth is, the hero story resides in our hearts because we identify with the hero when we have a problem that can’t be solved.

Today’s episode, I want to dive into the elements in different stages of the hero’s journey. Those stages align 100% with the stages in the health journey.

Creating this episode gave me a lot of encouragement, even as somebody who is further along in her health journey. It shows me where I’ve come from, where I’m going, what I have accomplished to get where I’m at, and how much further I have to go. I hope on today’s episode you find the same encouragement!

I would love to hear: What stage of the hero’s journey do you think you’re in? Give this episode a listen, head over to our Instagram page, and leave us a note on what stage of the hero’s journey you see you’re at in your health!


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