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53// How I Work with My Clients (+ ANNOUNCEMENT!!)

August 5, 2021

Do you want to know how I work with my clients?

What does it ACTUALLY look like?

How is what we do different from working with a nutritionist or doctor?

How long does it take?

And more importantly – what results can be expected?

We cover this and more in today's episode!

I'll be sharing the uniqueness of our labs, protocol, and coaching!

Our work is designed for:

  • Women
  • Answer seekers
  • Those who are sick of DIYing it
  • Self starters
  • The courageous (Fear is natural, but so is courage!)

Ultimately, working with me is a partnership! A coach can’t run the race for the athlete. But they can map the path to success!

Announcement! In honor of The Better Belly Podcast's 1st year ANNIVERSARY, I have designed a special course: How to read your own blood chemistry like a functional health expert.

This is an OPPORTUNITY to:

  • Work with me
  • Learn how to read your own labs, for LIFE!
  • Find out what your doctors missed
  • Get clarity on your next steps to vibrant health

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Blood Lab Bootcamp Waitlist
Only 25 spots are available!

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