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52// 10 Things to Consider Before Starting a Heavy Metal Detox

July 29, 2021

I recently had a friend of mine tell me that she had bought a product to detox heavy metals in her body.

Our conversation reminded me of the importance of an episode on heavy metals and things to know BEFORE detoxing them!

So, WHO needs a heavy metal detox?


Prior to jumping into a heavy metal detox, this episode is here to inform you of the caveats and prerequisites to detoxing metals from the body.

Specific people who may be carrying heavy metals include those who have:

  • Taken any form of hormonal or copper birth control
    • Pill, IUD, etc.
  • Mothers who were on the pill or hormonal/copper birth control prior to your conception
  • Had gallbladder removed
  • Used deodorant with aluminum in it
  • Eaten food that has been cooked in, or stored in aluminum foil
  • Drank/still drink unfiltered water (this includes Brita filter users – we’ll get into why)
  • Used plastic to store food
  • Chronically low calcium or potassium

This episode is highly informative on metals, and it is my hope that you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it! Remember to give it time and be gentle.

Healing is a journey, not an event!

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