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77// Is Money Holding You Back From Your Best Self? with Financial Therapist, Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

January 20, 2022

People are more willing to talk about politics, religion, or sex – than we are willing to talk about money.

Did you grow up in a household where it was impolite to talk about money?

Do you feel shame about how much money you have, or don’t have, or wished you had?

Have you noticed that, no matter how much money you make, you still feel anxiety around money?

Have you ever felt shame or guilt about a decision you made with money – especially in your health?

If so – today’s podcast is for you!

On today’s episode, we’re talking with Financial Therapist Lindsay Bryan-Podvin about the emotional side of money. Money is way more than just a budget and spreadsheet. Money is also about the thoughts and emotions we have behind it. Our history forms our relationship with it, and that relationship can impact our future!

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