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Have you ever wondered what lab tests you need? Have you ever felt previous lab results didn’t bring the answers you were seeking? Do you wish for clarity in your health? If so, this episode is for YOU!

74// The Hierarchy of Lab Tests + What Lab Tests You Need

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Have you ever wondered what lab tests you need? Have you ever felt previous lab results didn’t bring the answers you were seeking? Do you wish for clarity in your health? If so, this episode is for YOU!

74// The Hierarchy of Lab Tests + What Lab Tests You Need

Functional Lab Testing

Our current episode series is all about how being able to read your own blood work from your doctor is a MUST for every woman. Every episode topic, from the thyroid to acid reflux to client testimonials, has led to the upcoming launch of Blood Lab Bootcamp. This online course is going LIVE for registration very soon at the turn of the new year – Jan 5th through 12th. Today, I’m sharing another testimonial on how bloodwork changed a life. But this time – it’s mine!

73// Surprise – I’m Pregnant!! How My First and Second Pregnancy Compare (Totally Different!) and How I Used Bloodwork to Overcome Miscarriage and Get Pregnant Again

Functional Lab Testing

Have you ever noticed that no matter how many times or how often you take Iron and Vitamin D, your doctor keeps telling you that they’re low? Even after you bought the supplements and did everything you were supposed to? Supplements are an investment, especially if you’re trying hard in your health through supplementation. The sunk cost of supplements that don’t make a difference in your health adds up! Tune in if you’ve been unable to restore your Iron or Vitamin D levels to learn more!

We all KNOW how important the thyroid is, but there’s often uncertainty surrounding thyroid issues! What if you could understand your thyroid? What if that understanding allowed you to save time, money, and frustration? What if you could be empowered in your health and working with a doctor you KNEW was on the same page as you? I have good news – it’s easier than you think!

71// Why EVERYONE Should Be Able to Read Their Thyroid Markers

Functional Lab Testing

Have you ever had SIBO? Do you think you might have SIBO? Or – are you the one out of every 2 people who have gotten SIBO – only to get it again? (SIBO has a 50% recurrence rate in individuals who have had it before!) Whether you are one of the above, or just a curious listener trying to make sense of all things gut and information out there, then today’s episode is just for you.

70// SIBO: The 2 Reasons Why SIBO Has a 50% Recurrence Rate + How to Overcome SIBO and the Low FODMAP Diet

Gut Health

Our doctors constantly hammer us about our cholesterol. Are we eating too much meat? Red meat? Fatty meat? Egg yolks? If our cholesterol is high, there’s shame and stigma surrounding that number. (PS. I have tons of slender, even “healthy”, clients with high cholesterol. Their doctors literally don’t know what to do with them). If our cholesterol is fine, right now, we’re terrified of if it ever goes high. If our cholesterol is low – doctor’s don’t even talk too much about that. But it happens.

Do you struggle with acid reflux? Between 20-30% of Americans have acid reflux symptoms every week. That’s almost one third of Americans every week! According to the World Journal of Gastroenterology in a study of more than 6,000 patients, 63% of people with IBS ALSO have acid reflux / or GERD. On top of that, IBS affects women in a 2:1 ratio compared to men. So the overwhelming majority of people with IBS are women, and the majority of these women with IBS also have GERD. Safe to say – I have a lot of clients with acid reflux and ALL the symptoms that come with it.

68// 10 Markers on Your Bloodwork You Can Review TODAY to Find the Root Cause of Your Acid Reflux

Gut Health

With Blood Lab Bootcamp reopening on Jan 5th in the new year, 2022, I wanted to introduce y’all to some of my clients whose lives have changed by being able to read their blood labs using functional analysis methods! On today’s episode, you’ll meet my client, Jessica. When Jessica came to me she had been struggling most of her life with hormonal imbalance, weight gain, skin problems, low energy/mood, and had been diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis. She had already spent lots of time and money on her health doing all the things conventional doctors had recommended: bloodwork, surgery, and medication.

67// Client Testimonial – Endometriosis, Brain Fog, Eczema, Low Energy, Irritability, and Sleep Problems – How to Fix It All 40% or more in 3 Months with My Client, Jessica


Back in March of this year, 2021, I released a podcast episode titled “Why Your Doctor Says Your Labs Look Normal When You Don’t Feel Normal.” I recorded this episode on the heels of my first pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage. At the time, I was doing some serious detective work with my blood labs!

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