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73// Surprise – I’m Pregnant!! How My First and Second Pregnancy Compare (Totally Different!) and How I Used Bloodwork to Overcome Miscarriage and Get Pregnant Again

December 23, 2021

Our current episode series is all about how being able to read your own blood work from your doctor is a MUST for every woman.

Every episode topic, from the thyroid to acid reflux to client testimonials, has led to the upcoming launch of Blood Lab Bootcamp. This online course is going LIVE for registration very soon at the turn of the new year – Jan 5th through 12th.

Today, I’m sharing another testimonial on how bloodwork changed a life. But this time – it’s mine!

 Last year, I got pregnant for the first time. And on the week of Christmas 2020, I found out that my pregnancy was not viable.

I used two simple blood markers on my blood labs from my doctor in the months after my miscarriage to guide my care for myself and prep my body for my next pregnancy – to keep and to hold to full term.

I’ve already shared some of my journey with ya’ll on Episodes 27 and 56. Those episodes are linked in the show notes, but if you’re ready to begin on the HAPPY side of this story – keep on listening. We’re about to dive in!

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