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Reduce your constipation, acid reflux, bloating, constipation, PMS, brain fog, fatigue, and MORE by 80% in 3-6 months using the Better Belly Method.

Heal Your Gut to Poop Daily, Ditch Acid Reflux, and Balance Your Hormones

Your doctors say that your labs and test results look normal. But you don’t feel normal. You’re putting time, energy and money into discovering why - but you don’t know where to go or where to start.  

We at Better Belly Therapies take away the guesswork and uncertainty – providing real answers and getting to the core issues that are preventing you from feeling your best. Even if you’ve been seeking solutions for years (and nothing has worked!), you can achieve better health and healing. The answers are there. We’ll help you find them.  

And we know just where to look. The belly. It’s the foundation of your body’s well-being. When you have a happy belly – aka good gut health – it helps keep your entire body in a balanced, harmonious state. It works hard to maintain healthy circulation, digestion, detoxification and so much more. The belly does it all! But when your belly isn’t functioning the way that it should, it can cause all sorts of problems. From typical belly issues like bloating and constipation to unexpected symptoms like body aches, fatigue, migraines and mood changes, if your gut health is dysfunctional, you’ll feel it!  

The missing pieces to your better health are within your reach. We’re here to help you find them and start healing, feeling and living better.     

And you’re ready to find the solutions that your doctors have been missing.

You are OVER gut health problems.

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Craniosacral Therapy (CST) and Visceral Manipulation (VM) are gentle, hands-on therapies that release physical restrictions in the body that are holding your body back from optimized gut, hormone and nervous system health (for clients local to metro-Detroit).

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Learn how to heal your gut so that you can end constipation, ditch acid reflux, and balance your hormones - for good!

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There is more to gut health than just diet restrictions and doctor appointments. Go beyond basic nutrition and health recommendations and learn about the REAL reasons behind your bloating, indigestion, and seeming inability to eat food without pain.

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Hello & Welcome! I’m Allison Jordan, and in addition to the fancy credentials you see above, I’m also a marathon runner, author, wife, mom, and seeker of all things better health and better life.

I founded Better Belly Therapies to help women who have tried EVERYTHING to heal themselves, but have hit a dead end. I know how frustrating and isolating it feels to heal yourself - because I’ve been there, too. It might be tempting to think you have to go at gut health alone. But you don’t.

Let me and my team at Better Belly Therapies expertly guide you through your gut health and hormone balance journey and help you finally feel your best again!


Health with EASE!


Meet Allison!



“I used to struggle with crazy sugar cravings, food intolerances, sleep problems and weight gain DESPITE exercising. But now I feel AWESOME! I even get compliments all the time on my hair, skin and face – you can SEE the transformation!”


- Abby

“I was struggling with intense upper abdominal pain, fatigue and joint pain. In just one week, my abdominal pain was less than half of where it started. In two weeks, it was gone. I now have the energy to take care of my kids without being distracted.”


- Dessie

“Before working with Allison, I had seen top medical doctors at Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins University and the University of Michigan Medicine and gotten NO answers. I’d had multiple surgeries, could barely sleep 2 hours a night and had chronic pain.

After working with Allison, I now sleep through the night – no more waking up repeatedly! My body pain is way down, and I was even able to buy a puppy and re-paint my bedroom with my renewed energy. I now have hope for a pain-free life!” 


- Cee

“I was concerned that we wouldn’t find anything on my lab tests. I was scared that what I was struggling with was all in my head. In the end, we found LOTS of new information on my labs, and the stubborn belly pain I’ve been dealing with for decades is now GONE! I now have energy to take care of my 5 boys and go on runs the way that I used to!”   


- Elle

"Allison has helped me with long term digestive and pain problems. Having been in the health industry myself for decades, it was refreshing to talk to her.

She clearly has an advanced understanding of how different systems work together to impact digestion and overall good health. I highly recommend her and her skill level when it comes to healing the gut."    


- Lori

Learn from ADHD expert Patricia Sung 4 ADHD-friendly tips for how to follow a supplement routine and eat regularly to heal your gut.

Learn how these 5 gut health strategies can make managing your ADHD easier WITHOUT more medication or mental gymnastics!

Learn what was causing Eric’s unexplained anxiety + how Eric found permanent anxiety relief by healing his gut in just 6 months!

Do you seem to react to EVERY supplement you take? If so, you may have supplement sensitivity! Here are 3 common causes + what to do about it

Learn the 3 gut health books that were absolutely useless to heal me and my clients gut and hormones, and the 3 books that may just heal you.

Did your constipation protocol make your gut health symptoms WORSE? Learn why this happens and how to heal your gut instead.

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...so that you can poop daily, ditch acid reflux, and balance your hormones

...so that you can poop daily, ditch acid reflux, and balance your hormones

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From manual therapy to functional lab testing - if our services feel a little unfamiliar to you, don’t worry! We have the answers to all of your questions, and we educate and guide you every step of the way.


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