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70// SIBO: The 2 Reasons Why SIBO Has a 50% Recurrence Rate + How to Overcome SIBO and the Low FODMAP Diet

December 2, 2021

Have you ever had SIBO?

Do you think you might have SIBO?

Or – are you the one out of every 2 people who have gotten SIBO – only to get it again? (SIBO has a 50% recurrence rate in individuals who have had it before!)

Whether you are one of the above, or just a curious listener trying to make sense of all things gut and information out there, then today’s episode is just for you.

I’ve had several clients now that I’ve worked with who have been checked for SIBO, had SIBO, or been worked with to get rid of their SIBO prior to working with me.

When they start working with me, I have consistently found TWO factors that are impacting these client’s health. These two missing puzzle pieces to healing from SIBO have consistently NOT been checked for by other practitioners.

Of our clients who we’ve worked with who have had SIBO – all of them have healed from SIBO completely, and no longer require to be on the low FODMAP or any other restricted diet to keep their gut clean and healthy.

If you want to know the two most common reasons that I see SIBO recurring in our clients – you are in the right episode!

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