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Episode 5// Two Treatments for IBS That You Probably Have Never Heard Of

September 3, 2020

At Better Belly Therapies, we are ALL about how we can be CREATIVE and heal the gut through more ways than just food and probiotics.  

For me, I experienced two treatments in 2016 that completely turned around my digestive health journey. You might have never heard of them. They were: craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation.

In this episode, I talk ALL about the science behind these two treatments and WHY they work. Because – my most common question I get ask about craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation is HOW. How does it work? Why? Am I little crazy to think touching someone can help their gut get better?

Yes (we all need a little crazy!). And also – no! These treatments are completely founded in anatomy, physiology, and science.

If you are curious or are looking for more ways to heal your gut other than through food restrictions and supplements – this episode is for you!

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