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69// How to Naturally Lower Your Cholesterol – Without Having to Give Up Fat or Meat

November 25, 2021

Our doctors constantly hammer us about our cholesterol. Are we eating too much meat? Red meat? Fatty meat? Egg yolks?

If our cholesterol is high, there’s shame and stigma surrounding that number. (PS. I have tons of slender, even “healthy”, clients with high cholesterol. Their doctors literally don’t know what to do with them).

If our cholesterol is fine, right now, we’re terrified of if it ever goes high.

If our cholesterol is low – doctor’s don’t even talk too much about that. But it happens. And it is something my clients – and you – may be dealing with.

I was really touched when one of our students on a Blood Lab Bootcamp live call shared that both she and her mom had high cholesterol. They were recommended by their doctors to take statins. They were hesitant to do so because statins have SO MANY SIDE EFFECTS and are a for-life drug.

This client of mine was FASCINATED by how much information was included in Blood Lab Bootcamp about all the reasons that cholesterol can be high and HOW MANY OPTIONS SHE HAD TO HELP LOWER IT. Options that were unrelated to statins, medication, OR shaming oneself into lower cholesterol!

In today's episode, I’m debunking cholesterol myths about:

  • Cholesterol’s link to food (it’s not linked to fatty food)
  • How cholesterol gets raised (and lowered!)
  • How balancing your cholesterol levels actually improves your ENTIRE HEALTH (not just heart health!)

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