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66// 6 Reasons Your Doctor is Reading Your Blood Labs Wrong + How You Can Do It Better

November 4, 2021

Back in March of this year, 2021, I released a podcast episode titled “Why Your Doctor Says Your Labs Look Normal When You Don’t Feel Normal.”

I recorded this episode on the heels of my first pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage. At the time, I was doing some serious detective work with my blood labs!

The miscarriage and discoveries in my blood labs drove me to record my initial thesis on why doctors are not reading your labs right. Creating that episode got me thinking:

What if every woman could read her blood labs?

What if women, and men, didn’t need to take their doctor’s word for it anymore?

What if we had power, and understanding, in our own hands to negotiate and communicate clearly?

What if we had data that PROVED we were gaslighting ourselves, and stopped all the self-doubt and feelings that we’re making up our symptoms.

We do. We have the data. It’s in our blood. We just don’t know how to read it!

From this, the idea for Blood Lab Bootcamp was born. Today, I’m happy to announce that, as of January 5, 2022, my premier course Blood Lab Bootcamp will be launching a second time for our second round of students.

As part of that announcement, I am going to share with you the 6 reasons your doctor is reading your labs wrong PLUS how YOU can learn how to do it better.

I am so excited for Blood Lab Bootcamp, and it’s my goal that by the end of this episode and over the course of the next two months, you’ll understand why and will be, too!

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