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212// 5 Ways to Make ADHD Management Easier with Gut Health

July 9, 2024

5 Ways to Make ADHD Management Easier with Gut Health

Learn how these 5 gut health strategies can make managing your ADHD easier WITHOUT more medication or mental gymnastics!
When I first started working with clients in their gut health in 2018, I had NO awareness of ADHD or the connection between ADHD and the gut.
However, after just a couple years of working with clients, I realized that I consistently was getting remarks from clients saying, "My ADHD is getting better!", "I can focus better!" or "Can this work possibly help ADHD? I feel like mine is better!"
Just a few weeks ago, a client said to me: "I thought that all my distraction, irritability, and difficulty focusing might be ADHD and being a mom, but so much of my brain fog has lifted since I started these protocols!"
My response has always been, "Great!"
But they wanted to know...WHY?
On today's episode, I'm diving into 5 ways your gut impacts your brain, and how you can use these 5 gut health strategies to make managing your ADHD easier.
Whether you feel like you do or don't have gut health problems, if you know you have or THINK you have ADHD, this episode is for you!

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