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211// How He Found Permanent Anxiety Relief in Just 6 Months

July 4, 2024

Find Anxiety Relief through Your Gut

When Eric started working with me, he had been dealing with constipation, headaches, fatigue, and insomnia for the last 30 years, and unexplained anxiety that had developed over the last 6 months prior to us meeting.
In today's episode, I'm sharing with you the final follow up call Eric had with me after working together for 6 months.
Eric has a COMPLETELY stellar transformation!
From better sleep (sleeping through the night!) to feeling like his old self again, hear Eric's words as he describes what it was like working through the Better Belly Method.
If you want to find permanent anxiety relief and relief from insomnia, constipation, headaches, fatigue, and more - then check out the Better Belly Blueprint by going to
In this training, I show you the EXACT process Eric followed to find what was causing his symptoms, create a plan that would work, and start seeing results in less than 1 month (listen to ep. 183 for more details on Eric's amazing, early-on transformation!).
Head to to find your healing breakthrough NOW!
Anxiety relief from gut health



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