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210// 3 Causes of Supplement Sensitivity + How to Reduce It

July 2, 2024

How to Reduce Supplement Sensitivity

One of the most common questions and concerns I get from clients looking to work with me is,

"I'm sensitive to supplements. Can I work with you?"

If you are someone who is sensitive to supplements, you know that you can just dump any old supplement into your body and feel okay. It's likely led to dead-ends with previous practitioners, and protocols that you can't finish.

If you're new to the conversation on supplement sensitivity, you may be wondering, "What is supplement sensitivity? Do I have it??"

On today's episode, I'm talking about what supplement sensitivity is, the 3 causes of supplement sensitivity, and what you can do about each reason.

If you've ever had trouble finishing a protocol or taking supplements due to feeling worse when taking them, then this episode is for you.

Supplement Sensitivity


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