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98// 3 Things Adrenal Fatigue Is Telling You About Your Body

June 30, 2022

Stop Feeling Frustrated with Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is a commonly felt symptom for anyone struggling with any chronic illness - let alone gut health problems. 


Adrenal fatigue, within the category of chronic fatigue, is fatigue that is sourced in the adrenal glands. Historically, chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue can be very frustrating for those with it because, as is often true with any chronic illness, it’s unclear either what is causing the fatigue or what you can do to actually REVERSE the fatigue. 

Mom fatigue

But there is a tool out there to that STOPS making fatigue so vague and hard to treat. 


Using functional lab testing in our office, or testing designed to find the root cause of a given symptom or condition, I help my clients every day to figure out not only the SOURCE of their fatigue but also the KEY STEPS they can take to get their energy back. 


Yup. you heard me. No more GUESSING on how to get your energy back. No more wasting time or money buying B12 and CoQ10, taking lots of naps, or drinking coffee.


On today’s episode, we’re going to go WAY beyond taking adaptogens and herbs to battle your fatigue. Instead, I’m going to give you the EXACT tools and methods I use with my clients to turn their fatigue into their highway for success.


You ready? Let’s jump in.










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