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37// Is Guilt or Shame Holding You Back in Your Health? – with Raina LaGrand, LMSW, MPH, CYT

April 15, 2021

Joining me on the podcast today is Raina LaGrand, LMSW, MPH, CYT.

Raina is a somatic therapist, coach, and educator living in Ypsilanti, MI. ⁠⁠Her perspective on somatics includes responding to the ways trauma & oppression shape our experiences and capacity to thrive.

She believes individual and societal transformation is made possible when we center bodies, pleasure, relationships, and culture in healing.⁠ Through her work, she seeks to support others in living fully with presence and agency.

After living with a stable fracture of a vertebrae for up to 10 years, Raina was experiencing pain that interfered with her daily life. Raina realized she couldn’t pursue healing without money. Acupuncture, chiropractic care, craniosacral therapy, and even CBD oil – things not covered by insurance all add up.

For Raina, she has been working through multiple layers of mindset to come to a point of being alright with investing in her health. I love what she says in the middle of the episode: “By making my life accessible to others, I was becoming in-accessible to myself.”

You may not be in a helping profession like Raina, but we ALL have a reason in our mind for why we can’t spend money on ourselves to work through.

Raina shares a freebie IN EPISODE, a somatic practice centered around letting go of shame or guilt surrounding your money mindset. After the guided somatic practice: journal, meditate, comment or DM us on instagram, or talk to a loved one!

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