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38// 4 Reasons Saying “I Should” Is Keeping You Sick

April 22, 2021

Thus far on the podcast, I’ve talked about the physical and biochemical part of my journey – from my health downfall to uprising. What I haven’t spent much time talking about is the IMMENSE work I have done to spiritually and psychologically heal myself. Yes, I had to remove a parasite from my body and heal my leaky gut. But I believe 100% that if I ONLY had come at my healing from a physiological perspective, I would not be experiencing the health I enjoy today!

This episode, let’s talk about the mental component of health!

By no means is every sickness coming from the mind, but also, the mind – including subconscious processes and emotions – cannot be extricated from ANY experience of the body, be it pain or pleasure, sickness or health, success or failure.

I encourage you to always seek a happier, healthier mindset even as you seek a happier, and healthier, body.

If you haven’t gotten better. If you have spent thousands of dollars trying to find the root cause of your health problems, if you truly want to live a vibrant life and learn new ways to engage with yourself and the world – press in. Listen. Give yourself grace. And KEEP LOOKING.

Don’t stop … Don’t stop… DON’T stop looking for answers.

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