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35// Get Rid of Abdominal Pain, Joint Pain, and Fatigue, Lose 10 lbs., and Feel Better Than Ever [Client Testimonial – Dessie]

April 1, 2021

I’d like to share something special with you: a LIVE recording of a three month follow up call with one of my clients!

My client, Dessie, kindly allowed me to record her call to share her progress with YOU!

Starting this process, her top three complaints were upper abdominal pain, joint pain, and fatigue. (Plus a slew of other symptoms that improved, as well!)

She saw a 70% improvement in three weeks, and has maintained that level of improvement for three months!

Her journey offers insight into what it looks like when the body detoxes, fluctuations in the body during healing, and what it can be like to begin reintroducing foods!

Join us to gain insight into the process of working with a functional practitioner!

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