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29// Celiac Disease, Concussions, and Colonoscopies with Joey Miller, Certified Gastroenterolgy Nurse

February 18, 2021

Have you ever gotten a colonoscopy?

Have you ever gotten an endoscopy?

If you have ever been diagnosed with or have gone to your doctor for any GI problem, it is very likely that you have been asked to get one of these procedures with a specialist.

Today’s episode is a conversation with Certified Gastroenterology Nurse, Joey Miller!

Joey spends all day looking at colonoscopies, but is NOT your average gastroenterology nurse. She has celiac disease, lyme disease, and has had multiple concussions!

Joey sought out Craniosacral Therapy for the concussions and from there learned all about the connection from the brain to the gut.

Tune in to hear all about Joey’s work and learn more ways to help your gut BEYOND a colonoscopy!

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