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28// The Best Talk Therapy to Help Your Gut – with Brenda Aufderhar, RN, LMSW, CST-D

February 11, 2021

Today, join me for a conversation with Brenda Aufderhar RN, LCSW, CST-D!

Brenda’s journey started as a mom trying to find help for her cerebral palsy child! Brenda found Craniosacral Therapy and wanted to learn how treatment was helping her son. A lifelong learner, Brenda attended courses for CST and went on to get her master’s degree in social work! This led to integrating talk therapy with CST.

We’re going to discuss trauma, Internal Family Systems and so much more!

Internal Family Systems? What IS that??

Internal Family Systems is a form of therapy! The systems are within each of us. Opposing parts inside a person want to control behavior. Learning to have a relationship with those parts can change and put a person more in charge of their behavior and awareness of their inner world.

IF YOU have had talk therapy for anxiety, your gut, to process trauma, or life changes – this episode is FOR YOU.

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