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110// 3 Steps to Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally and End PMS

September 22, 2022

Cholesterol and PMS Are Linked

  • Do you have high cholesterol - despite eating well, exercising, and “being healthy”?
  • Do you struggle with painful periods, PMS, or hormonal acne?
  • Has your doctor ever been told you that youhave elevated liver enzymes?
  • Or do you deal with foggyheadedness, bloating, and waking up between 2-4 am regularly?

If so - these are ALL signs that you have a congested liver!

A congested liver is a non-diagnostic term to describe a liver that is not DISEASED, but is functioning sub-optimally. Your liver has LOTS of roles. It helps you digest, balance iron and glucose in your body, and detox.

PMS, painful period

If your liver is congested, it can’t keep up with all its roles, and you will suffer from a wide variety of symptoms.

Unfortunately, traditional doctors are neither trained to screen for a congested liver OR to teach YOU how you can heal your liver and help it function at it’s best again.

On today’s episode, I’m teaching you about the mighty liver, why your liver enzymes and cholesterol might be elevated, and 3 steps you can take to NATURALLY heal your liver.

And the best part about today’s episode is - You don’t need medication to make your liver healthy - or lower your cholesterol. You just need to know a little about the liver.












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