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44// Quiet Mental Chaos with Meditation

June 3, 2021

Last week’s episode, I discussed the anatomy behind brain toxicity and ways to reduce toxins.

One of the methods to reduce brain toxicity needed its own episode: MEDITATION!

Meditation is the ultimate freebie for reducing brain toxicity! No tools are required and it can be done almost anywhere or anytime.

Meditation assists in reducing brain toxicity by:

  • Reducing brain static (the activity of neurons)
  • Practicing a “quieter mind” – literally
  • Momentarily decreasing neuron’s metabolic toxin output
  • Impacting how hard cerebrospinal fluid has to work
  • Reducing toxic load in brain
  • Improving clarity, focus, and calm
  • Reducing brain fog
  • Lowering anxiety

This episode is filled with techniques and tips to help you in creating (or refining) your own meditation practice. Are you ready to begin?

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