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40// Reduce Acid Reflux with the Magic Power of Zinc

May 6, 2021

acid reflux

Zinc - A Force Behind Acid Reflux

What does zinc have to do with acid reflux?


It all starts with LOW stomach acid.


LOW stomach acid is the most common cause of acid reflux in clients that I work with. Yes, LOW stomach acid can create acid reflux as much (or more) than high stomach acid!


And if you have low stomach acid, you may have (likely have!) zinc deficiency as well.


Learn the symptoms of low stomach acid and zinc deficiency in today's episode. We’re going to dive into some anatomy, how we create stomach acid, signs of a zinc deficiency, and HOW zinc can help reduce symptoms of acid reflux!


And, in today's episode, I’ll also share TWO home tests you can do today to test your zinc AND stomach acid levels.


~ Allison ❤️


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