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204// Are These Gut Health Myths Keeping You Sick? Listen in.

June 11, 2024

8 Gut Health Tips That are NOT Working Anymore

Back in 2020 when I started this podcast, the Better Belly Podcast, one of my MAIN goals was to create content that BUSTED prominent myths about how to heal your gut.

As a gut health expert and someone who failed to heal their own gut using the generic advice, I felt (and still feel) a passion to cut the crap and bring clarity to those who were trying SO HARD to heal their gut - yet getting no where.

The truth is: eating magnesium, drinking water, chewing your food, taking probiotics, eating clean, or doing a juice cleanse IS NOT working anymore.

In 2023, research by Ipsos showed that 20% of Americans say that "nothing they've tried to heal their gut has worked" and "they feel that they're at a dead end."

In celebration of my birthday (today!!) and all the myth-busting we've done over the last 3 years on the Better Belly Podcast, I'm sharing my top myth-busting episodes as an easy directory on this episode. I'll be sharing a quick background and thoughts on each episode, and then sharing links in the shownotes for you to go check them out.

It's time to get gut-healing freedom from these myths.

~ Allison💖

Gut Health Myths

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