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194// Have Trouble Relaxing? 5 Tips for Nervous System Regulation

April 11, 2024

5 Causes of Anxiety In Your Gut

Back in January, I put out a poll asking ya'll to share with me what were the top symptoms you were dealing with. I wanted to see what problems you were having the most so that I could make sure we were having episodes with that content on the podcast.

Turns out, one of the TOP results of symptoms ya'll are dealing with is anxiety. So today, I'm talking all about anxiety. Not from the perspective of your mind and thoughts (cause I'm no psychologist), but from the perspective of your body.

Your anxiety is NOT all in your head, your thoughts, or your mindset. I regularly get clients who are able to reduce or completely come off of anxiety medication or reduce regular counseling appointments when we heal their gut.

Today, I'm sharing 5 causes of anxiety that are in your gut PLUS specific step you can take to improve your gut health to cut your anxiety in half.

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Let's jump into today's podcast!

~ Allison💖

Gut Health could be the reason for your anxiety



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