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190// How She Found Bloating & Constipation Relief

March 14, 2024

How to Get Life-long Bloating and Constipation Relief

When my client Ti came to me, she was dealing with bloating, constipation, brain fog, bad breath, and water retention that didn't improve no matter WHAT she tried.

She'd already tried the gluten free diet, elimination diet, magnesium, prune juice, doctor visits, an herbal remedy to heal her constipation, but NOTHING was healing her gut long-term.

On today's episode, listen in to Part 2 of my client Ti's journey as she walks through the Better Belly Method, my signature process to healing the gut and the entire body without lifelong supplements or extreme food restrictions. Spoiler Alert: even after nothing else had worked, Ti DID finally find bloating and constipation relief, along with naturally healing from her brain fog, bad breath, and water retention.

If you missed Part 1 to Ti's journey, check out episode 158// How She Ended a Decade of Chronic Constipation in 1 Month and hear about Ti's dramatic improvement after just one month of following the Better Belly Method.

~ Allison💖

Gluten-Free not working?



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