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188// 5 Causes of Brain Fog + What To Do About It

February 29, 2024

Common Brain Fog Causes

Do you have difficulty recalling words or names of people you know?

Is your thinking slower than it used to be, and it feels like you're walking through a pool of molasses?

Or do you have memory or decision problems, making it hard to complete your grocery list or make a decision between two options?

If so, you have many common brain fog symptoms.

Brain fog is one of the top most common symptoms my clients deal with, and it's a total bear to deal with.

Brain fog can happen to anyone under the right circumstances, but the problems is when your brain fog is chronic and ongoing, no matter how much you try to sleep, what brain fog supplements you take, or what your circumstances are.

What is brain fog, what causes it, and - most importantly - how can you reverse it?

On today's episode, I'm breaking down 5 common causes of brain fog so you can break out of it and start thinking clearly again.

~ Allison💖

5 Causes of Brain Fog



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