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155// How to Find and Treat Lyme Disease Naturally

July 13, 2023

How to Treat Lyme Naturally

Are your chronic constipation, bloating, and gut health problems being caused by Lyme?

How do you know when to start looking for Lyme in your body?

If you have Celiac disease, parasites, endometriosis or other diagnoses, could you also have Lyme?

On today's episode, listen in on my conversation with Lyme Expert Heather Gray, an Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN) like myself who has healed herself while dealing with Celiac Disease, Endometriosis, parasites, and Lyme Disease.

If you are new to Lyme, Lyme is a disease passed through ticks which is particularly aggressive in people with weakened immune systems. Lyme is known as the great mimicker of diseases because it can look like so many other illnesses and cause so many other illnesses. On top of that, Lyme can be very difficult to detect and therefore often goes ignored by conventional medicine.

As you listen in to Heather Gray's story, I hope you are inspired and encouraged. And I hope you feel equipped to learn when you should be looking into Lyme in your health, and if you have Lyme, how you can start healing your body today.

~ Allison💖

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