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127// 4 Functional Lab Tests You NEED for Constipation

January 26, 2023

The Best Lab Tests for Constipation

  • Are you tired of hearing that “your lab results look normal” when you don’t FEEL normal?


  • Do you find yourself constantly Googling “causes for bloating” or “natural constipation remedies”?


  • Have you NEVER gotten lab test result back and felt like it was absolutely CHRISTMAS? Or - has the only time you’ve ever LOVED a lab test was when you took a pregnancy test?


If so - then this podcast episode is for you.

Functional lab test

In today’s episode, I’m talking all about the 4 functional lab tests I use on a daily basis to get my clients their natural and long-lasting constipation relief.


These labs test are what my clients regularly call MAGICAL. And when they see their results and how it explains (and helps them naturally solve) ALL their problems - it’s like opening gifts on Christmas morning. 


Don’t believe me? Wait to the end of this podcast, and find out what two podcast testimonial episodes I recommend you listen to to hear the amazing transformation stories of two women stuck with constipation and bloat.


Ready to have a happy relationship with poop again? Let’s dive in. 











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