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114// What Caused Her Sudden Acid Reflux? [Coaching – Jennifer]

October 20, 2022

Mysterious Acid Reflux

Jennifer was living a normal life until 2 months ago when she started having feelings of uncomfortable swallowing and acid reflux.


Over just a few weeks, her small symptoms developed into increasingly painful and difficult swallowing, near-constant acid reflux, and quick feelings of fullness that was leading to unhealthy weight loss.

Acid reflux painful

No one knew what Caused her Acid Reflux


After rounds of testing and medication by doctors, no one knows what is going on with Jennifer, and nothing has helped her feel better.


On today’s podcast episode, I am doing a free, on-air coaching call with Jennifer where our goal was to get to the bottom of her mysterious acid reflux. What caused it? And even more important - what can she do to reverse it?


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