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113// Crush Abdominal Pain & Get 90% of Your Energy Back [Dessie Pt. 2]

October 13, 2022

Curing Abdominal Pain

  • Do you struggle with chronic abdominal pain, despite feeling like you eat and live healthy?


  • Do you ever feel like you might be making your symptoms up in your head, because other people like your doctor - or your lab results - aren’t saying there any reason WHY you could be feeling that way?


  • Or - have you ever gotten some improvement in your health after diet change or lifestyle change - only for your symptoms to start coming back?


If so, you’re like my client Dessie. 


When Dessie started working with me, she was dealing with intense abdominal pain that would strike regularly and force her to stop anything she was doing. She was regularly being interrupted while cooking meals for her family, taking care of her children, or having family time in the evening while watching a movie or playing games.

She also was struggling with deep fatigue and consistent joint pain - that couldn’t be explained. 

Find the Answers to Abdominal Pain with Functional Lab Testing

After trying many things - including doctor visits and dietary changes - Dessie joined the Foundations Program and got functional lab testing that finally explained why she was feeling the way she was - and told us what we could do about it. 

If you’re dealing with abdominal pain, deep fatigue, and symptoms that just can’t be explained - buckle up, because you won’t want to miss this episode. 

Note: On today’s episode, you’re listening to part 2 of Dessie’s story, after 6 months of working with me. 

To hear more about Dessie’s story after only working with me 3 months, check out Ep. 35// Get Rid of Abdominal Pain, Joint Pain, and Fatigue, Lose 10 lbs., and Feel Better Than Ever [Client Testimonial – Dessie]


~ Allison ❤️








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