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Ep. 01// My Story & How I Healed Myself from IBS

August 27, 2020

Have you ever been STUCK in your gut health? Are you tired of your restricted diet, medication, limited lifestyle, and lack of energy? Have you tried a vegan diet, low FODMAP diet, gluten free diet – and your gut STILL feels like it hates you? If that is so, THIS is the podcast episode for you!

In this episode, Allison dives into to share about how she discovered that food and probiotics were NOT the only thing she could do to help her gut. In fact, they weren't even the BASIS of gut health. After suffering for more than two years without any doctor helping her condition, Allison began to discover the ROOT causes of not only her gut health conditions – but also many others'. 

Intrigued? Then listen on in!

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