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94// How to Keep Any Habit You Make

June 2, 2022

Healthy Habits for a Lifetime

  • Have you ever started a healthy habit, kept it for a season, and then dropped off doing it?
  • Have you ever kept a habit for the amount of time it’s supposed to take to establish a habit - then stopped doing it still?
  • Have you ever been frustrated with your ability to keep a habit for some time, but then you feel like you always end up back-sliding on it later?
Habits and exercise

If so, you are not unlike both me and my clients whom I work with.


Habits are key to health, and for those of us on a health journey, we WANT to develop and keep new habits that give us the energy, focus, and power we want in life. 


But if habits are so good for us - Why are they so draining to keep?


On today’s episode, I’m going to be talking about the missing link between keeping a habit for weeks or months and making a habit for a lifetime. 


There’s literally only ONE thing missing between keeping a habit with willpower and keeping a habit that continues to sustain itself. This makes the habit load a WHOLE lot easier - not heavier!


Habits can be hard, so I am so excited to bring today’s episode to you!


You guys ready? Let’s jump in.











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