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86// Overcome Infertility with Sarah Clark

April 7, 2022

Pregnancy & Infertility

Does pregnancy sometimes seem like an impossible goal for you?


Have you been struggling with fertility, trying method after method to get pregnant - and nothing seems to work?


Do you ever feel like you don’t know if you can have hope to get pregnant? Or, do you wonder if you’ll have to rely on an external method, such as donor eggs, to get pregnant?

Pregnancy and Infertility

Unfortunately, infertility is becoming more and more common. 


According to recent studies in 2022, up to 1 in 8 couples will have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining pregnancy in their lifetime. And an estimated 9-11% of men and women will struggle with fertility problems. Infertility is becoming common, but that does not mean it is normal. 


On today’s episode, I am joined by Sarah Clark, integrative health coach and founder of Fab Fertile Inc. Sarah is an expert in all things fertility, and on today’s episode, we discuss the method behind Sarah’s Signature Fertility Coaching Program and how they help their clients not only heal from infertility but find the root cause of their infertility journey. 


Almost an entire year ago, I recorded this podcast episode with Sarah Clark, the founder of Fab Fertile Inc., discussing what is causing couples to struggle with infertility. And oddly enough - it’s a lot of the same things that our clients at Better Belly Therapies come to us with who are struggling with gut health problems.




I know I was!


Whether or not you have struggled with or are currently struggling with infertility, many of us know someone who is (or will) struggle with it. 


So I invite you - come, listen, and learn on today's podcast!


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