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85// End the Bloat, Irritability, Pain, and Sleep Amazing [Client Testimonial]

March 31, 2022

Another Woman's Journey

From Overwhelming to Overcoming

Have you had bloating and sleep problems for the last decade?

Has it seemed like nothing you do has worked?

Are you afraid to make changes to your health - because it's hard, and because...what if it doesn't work?

If so, you are like my client Julie.

Julie is full-time entrepreneur and working mom in Canada who can do EVERYTHING right in her business - but has not been able to figure out her health.

After 6 months in our Foundations Program, though, this is no longer the case!

Happy - No bloating

Julie started working with me feeling uncomfortable all the time due to bloating and gas, with pain in her neck and shoulders that no massage could fix, and with poor sleep that no amount of sleep hygiene could alter.

She was also going through menopause, and despite taking specific herbs to try and support the transition, menopause was making her MISERABLE. And I mean - moody miserable.

It was affecting her work, her kids, and her experience of her day-to-day life.

Now, Julie is sleeping through the night, she doesn't have to fight her mood anymore, and she feels GOOD after she eats!

How did she do it?

Find out on today's podcast!  

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