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202// What’s Causing Her Bloating? And How Can She Find Bloat Relief?

June 4, 2024

What's causing her bloating?

Elizabeth has been dealing with bloating for the last 5 years that she just CANNOT get to go away.

She has gone completely gluten free and dairy free, she limits processed foods, eats almost completely organic, and makes almost all her food from scratch. And she still gets people asking her if she's pregnant. When she's NOT.

What else can she do? And why has her healthy eating not helped her?

Listen in to this episode where I break down what is likely causing her bloating and what she can do to find bloat relief.

AND, for those of you who noticed that this episode is airing on a Tuesday, I am happily announcing airing an extra episode each week for a Summer of Double Dipping. During this summer, I'll be having 2 episodes per week to give you double the fun and double the healing this summer.

Now - let's dive in!

~ Allison💖

What is causing her bloating?




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