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176// How I Hit All my 2023 Health Goals with MINIMAL Effort (Parasite Cleanse, Half Marathon, and Pregnancy!!)

December 7, 2023

Parasite Cleanses Are No JOKE.

At the beginning of this year, I shared about my 3 goals for my health in 2023.

  1. Half-Marathon Training
  2. Parasite Protocol
  3. Get Pregnant

These are the 3 goals I shared in Episode 122 all the way back in January, and now I'm here to follow up and talk about:

  • Did I reach my goals for the year?
  • What was my parasite protocol like? (Hint: NOT SMOOTH!)
  • Why did I even do a parasite protocol?
  • Things I did differently in this parasite protocol than what I've done before
  • Did those things make a difference?
  • What my half-marathon training was like
  • Did I hit my half-marathon training goals?
  • Pregnancy

If you like being nosy or want to see what it's like for me to plan my health out during the year, then this episode is for you.

And if you want to learn how you can plan YOUR year for your health, check out the ORIGINAL episode I aired back in January (Ep. 122) or click the link in the shownotes.

If you want a LIVE walkthrough of exactly how I'm planning my health for 2024, be sure to subscribe to the Better Belly Podcast because I'll be doing a LIVE walkthrough on the podcast of exactly how you can plan your year on Dec. 28 so that you can plan your year like a pro, stop wasting time and money, and get the results you want for your health.

~ Allison💖

How I Hit All My 2023 Health Goals


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