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174// One Habit to Add RIGHT NOW for Better Gut Health

November 22, 2023

Better Gut Health - NOW

Recently in my Free Facebook Group, I was asked this question:

"What is the ONE habit I could add to my day right now to start toward better gut health?"

I thought it was a great question, so I made a podcast episode on this. I gave the question a lot of thought, and after collecting my thoughts from 100+ cases of men and women whom I've helped get rid of their most stubborn constipation, bloating, acne, autoimmune flares, eczema, chronic pain, fatigue, and more - I really hope my answer is refreshing to you. This is not the average advice you hear on blog posts about probiotics, going gluten free, or fiber. I hope my answer today removes unnecessary time and money spent and quickens you on your path to healing. Because if I had ONE piece of advice I could give to everyone, one habit to add right now to help you have better gut health, it'd be this.

I hope you love this episode.

~ Allison💖

One Habit to Start RIGHT NOW for Better Gut Health


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