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162// How to Find Constipation Relief with These 4 Lab Tests

August 31, 2023

Find Constipation Relief TODAY

Back in May, I had 15 students join me for the first round of Better Belly Blueprint, my online course + group coaching program that teaches you how to end bloating and constipation - for GOOD.

These women showed up with months to years of bloating and constipation behind them along with dozens of diets, doctors visits, and natural (or not so natural) constipation remedies that they had tried. In my course, I taught them how to order and analyze functional medicine lab tests that came straight to their homes. They also learned how to create a personalized health plan that would help them finally end their gut health problems, balance their hormones, and clear up their skin.

As I re-open the doors TODAY to the Better Belly Blueprint, I want to share with you EXACTLY what my students found on their labs. One of the most common reservations I find in men and women looking to heal their gut is, "But what if I don't find anything on my labs?"

If you are tired of that lame excuse from a doctor that "your labs look normal", and you're afraid you'll waste time and money and end up MORE frustrated than before by doing more lab work, then buckle up, because I'm going to share with you exactly HOW MUCH my students found and how YOU can find the same things and heal your gut permanently and find bloating and constipation relief.

~ Allison💖

End Constipation with these 4 lab tests



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