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124// How to Heal Your Microbiome with Nikki Kenward, CST-D

January 5, 2023

The Microbiome - Body Connection

Today’s episode is about ALL THINGS MICROBIOME:


  • Research on prenatal health and the microbiome
  • How your MOUTH microbiome impacts your entire health
  • Signs of whether or not your mouth microbiome is healthy
  • How long it takes to change your microbiome (according to research)
  • What actually impacts your microbiome the most (hint: it’s not probiotics)
  • How Craniosacral Therapy and emotional work can heal your microbiome
Nikki Kenward Headshot

This podcast episode today is a recorded conversation with my friend and mentor, Nikki Kenward CST-D. Nikki is an international instructor of Craniosacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute. Nikki is the author of the book, “It’s All In Your Gut” and works with babies, children, and adults using Craniosacral Therapy in her clinic in the west side of London.


I have had the joy of personally attending one of Nikki’s international lectures, and am excited to bring Nikki back on the podcast for her SECOND time for her to share with you some of the top highlights of ALL the research she’s done on the gut and particularly the microbiome.


If you have questions on how to change your microbiome and heal from the inside out - then this podcast episode is for you.













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