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10// Being Grateful In the Pain

October 8, 2020

You’ve heard of the brain-gut axis before. You KNOW that your brain effects your gut, and your gut effects your brain. But what are some actual, real, PRACTICAL steps you can take to improve your gut health?

In 2018, my gut health had already taken a sharp turn in the right direction to health. But it still wasn’t in a great spot. I was starting my business, training for a marathon, and involved in an MLM business. I was BUSY.

But I also was devoted to continuing to figure out ways I could help my gut.

I’d always heard that gratitude was good for you, but never bothered dealing with it before. But, because of an AMAZING experience I’d had in college with gratitude, I returned again to this mind-bending practice and gave it a go.

And ladies – my gut has never been the same!

If you have ever wanted to try using GRATITUDE to heal your body, this episode is for you!

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