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Episode 7// Is Your Pelvic Floor Effecting Your Health? + Pregnancy Tips!

September 17, 2020


What does: breaking your tailbone → PMS → appendicitis → IVF (in-vitro fertilization) → depression → prostatitis → and your microbiome have in common?

Your pelvic floor!

Today I interview my friend Dr. Nidhi Sharma, a pelvic floor therapist, and in our episode today, we talk about all this and more! 

Nidhi became a pelvic floor therapist who broke her tailbone 2 years after becoming a pelvic floor therapy. Was suggested to not sit… for a year. Tailbone pain did go away, but it cause problems for her. 

We are also going to talk about really important questions you might have asked yourself before:

  • When do I seek help?
  • When do I do something about my symptoms?
  • And when should I leave my current practitioner to find another one to help me achieve my health goals?

Dr. Nidhi’s story reminds us that Health is not always a straightforward journey, but there is ALWAYS hope for our bodies to get healthier and stronger than before. 


Bio for Dr. Nidhi Sharma, DPT:

Nidhi is an expert in the specialty field of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy and is passionate about education men and women about pelvic health. She is double board certified in the field of orthopedics and women’s health. 

She received her training from the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Health Institute. She has undergone extensive training in Functional Manual Therapy through the Institute of Physical Art (IPA). She has also received training in the field of Visceral Manipulation from Barral Institute.
Nidhi is formally trained in Maitland Approach, Mulligan’s Concept, Active Release Technique (ART), and Trigger point Therapy.

Nidhi performs functional evaluation and treatment considering the whole body as an intricate and interconnected system. Utilizing her background in kinesiology, she believes in performing movement based biomechanical analysis of dysfunction to reach the underlying pathology, rather than simply treating existing symptoms. 

She firmly believes that an educated person is an empowered person, and much less prone to future injury. Nidhi has a passion for dance, and in her free time, she enjoys learning ballet.


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